Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Matchmakers Low Risk High Reward

Matchmakers low risk and high reward.

This weekend, I was observing the behavior of single people walking their dogs. Since the season for bathing on the beach is over, the leash law was not in play.

So, the dogs were running around mingling with each other. They were interacting in a very free environment as they were having fun.

However, the owners of the dogs were not. I did not see one single owner engaged in a conversation with each other. Why not?

Maybe the dogs are less shy, don't really care if they get rejected, or thats their nature.

As a matchmaker, I was thinking if only some of the women went up to the guys and began a conversation. All they had to do is use one of my proven matchmaking lines listed in my books.

Its a low risk in terms of the guy for sure won't bark at the woman. Maybe he is not wearing a wedding ring but married. He is not going to bite the woman. If she only asked him one of the opening lines in my book, who knows...maybe they would have a doggie play date next weekend.

Read my books, practice my pick up line and you never know, a low risk/high reward opening line could land you the guy of your dreams.