Thursday, June 10, 2010

Matchmaking Tips How to Spot a Serial Dater

Serial daters are heartbreakers. They are the men you think will be your boyfriend, but they will wind up hurting you. They enjoy dating spectacular women. These type of men know a lot about travelling, politics, food, wine, and sports but are they marriage material? Absolutely not. They are lifelong bachelors.

Situation #1
You go on a few dates with a guy and think he is great. You think he is boyfriend potential and can’t wait to see him again. A few days passes and you haven’t heard from him. What happened? Well, he probably does the same thing to a million girls because he’s a serial dater!

Situation #2:
He talks about his work all the time. You go on a few dates but you can’t seem to find out any important details about him. You have no idea where he is from or anything about his family. He doesn’t give you details about himself, but he’ll share any information about his job. Why is he like this? Because he’s a serial dater and doesn’t want you to get to know him!

Situation #3:
He’s really cool. He knows all about the trendy restaurants, way before they open. It’s like he works for Time Out New York. He’s so in tune it’s like he’s a psychic. Perhaps he has a friend who writes for Page Six? Nope - he’s just a serial dater so it’s his job!

Situation #4:
You go on a few dates and get into a conversation about his views of marriage. He tells you that he wants to get married but he hasn’t had a girlfriend in three years. News flash - this is a bad sign. He says he hasn’t found the right girl, but come on, if he hasn’t had a girlfriend in over three years, that’s a problem. What’s wrong with him that he hasn’t settled down? Nothing, he just likes being a serial dater!