Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Matchmaker Hits The Town Looking for Men

Janis Spindel University takes a student out on the town:

It's Friday, December 18th, 2009 and I feel like a Mack truck just hit me because I just hit about 25 bars, hotels and restaurants. Took one of my students out to show her how to meet a successful, marriage-minded man in an upscale professional place and boy oh boy oh boy did we boogie!

First, we started off in New York City at a restaurant called TAO ... that was a complete mob scene... a little too crowded, (not the right crowd )- we were in and out of there!

Then we went next door to The Four Seasons Hotel, to the famous bar 57/57- then we were in and out of there and off we went to Cipriani's at the Sherry Netherlands Hotel on 5th Avenue- in and out of there. Then we went to La Caprice- the famous club from the UK at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. Then we went to the Plaza Hotel to the famous Oak Room bar. Then we went to BLT steak- a great place to meet men- every time I've gone there the bar has been packed.(not this time??) Then we started getting hungry and so we went to Geisha- great great restaurant, every time I've been there, I've gotten somebody married that I met through somebody that I met at Geisha. So we sit down and the place is not that crowded- we were going to have dinner.

I of course start a conversation with the couple to the left of us- a blonde and of course an older man and they're not married and he goes back and forth to Arizona and she lives in New
York. I'm with again one of my students and we start a conversation about the fact that she's single and I say to him, "So, do you have any single guys for her?" and he says no and about ten minutes later he proceeds to say, (he taps her on the shoulder,) and he says, "I have a guy for you!" and he starts describing this divorced 46 year old Jewish fellow who has no children but wants them, who is very bright, very funny, very successful, lives in Manhattan and he really sounds perfect for her. I got the chills from my head to my toes- they went right through my body- she is going to marry this man Bruce. I'm telling you she is going to meet this man Bruce and I'm going to take credit for it.!! And we sat there talking to them for awhile and then a couple down at the other end of the restaurant because the room was not crowded yet heard the conversation and heard what I did so then I started a conversation with them. They knew who I was- the girl came over and said, "You're a celebrity- I know who you are. All of my friends came to you."

Gave her a card, then the couple to the right said what are we missing out on. Who are you? She was from Paris, he was from Scottland- absolutely unbelievable, gave them a card. Now we're going to wait for this guy Bruce to call her- hopefully it will be within 24 to 48 hours, but if not I already have a game plan- we did get their card so we can follow up plus I got his name I can google him and find him and track him down.!!

And then the adventure started... we left Geisha and went next door to Serafina, then we went over to the Regency Hotel- we were in and out of there. Then we went to David Burke and Donatella town house- in and out of there, then we went to David Burke fishtail- we were in and out of there. Then we decided to walk over to 3rd avenue to Atlantic Grill- the place was packed solid- didn't see anybody that we liked there so we left. Then we went to 1st avenue to Campagnolla- that place was packed, but we didn't see anybody there. Then we walked over to Elio's on 2nd avenue- very upscale restaurant that has extremely good looking, successful people- I bumped into two men that I knew, met another guy there. Then we walked over to Elaine's. Then she petered out on me- I didn't peter out on her and she said, "I can't believe this, but my feet are killing me and we are going to call it a night." So four hours later, up up up upscale places, the place to meet successful marriage minded men. You have to be out there, you don't know unless you're out there. Not every night can be a winner, but if she ends up marrying this guy Bruce, it will all work out.
Good luck ladies!