Sunday, November 8, 2009

Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women: Logical locations to meet and pick up successful marriage minded men.

Matchmaking and Dating Tips for Women: Logical locations to meet and pick up successful marriage minded men.

Shop for Your Brother
Another great place to meet men is in the men’s section of upscale department stores. Places like Bergdorf’s for men, Barney’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue sell beautiful men’s clothing. Shop for your dad, brother, cousin or best male friend! Ask for advice from a guy in the store that you want to meet. What a great excuse to talk to him and get his opinion.

Even if you know where you’re going, ask for directions anyway! Being lost is a perfect excuse to start a conversation with any man, especially if you’re shy. What gentleman isn’t going to help a lady in distress?!

Become alumni and attend events held by your college or university. All schools have websites where past grads can reconnect. I know several men and women who have met old classmates and either rekindled old flames or started new fires.

Share a Space
The “summer share” has been the classic New York City single’s way of escaping the city heat and hooking up with new people. If you don’t live near a beach, think lake or mountain resorts. Or, you can consider taking your two weeks in summer at a beach community and take a house with a couple of single friends. Amazing things can happen in two weeks at the beach! Every community has vacation spots that attract singles. I think the beach and resort environment break down barriers for people who might normally be less inclined to reach out to strangers.

Switch Lanes
If you commute to work on a train or bus, change the time you go as often as you can. Even if it’s just a couple minutes of a change of “scenery,” these different times will bring about new people. And if you drive, think about switching to a park-and-ride system, which will put you on a commuter bus. Change as often as you can. See who’s going where and when.

Outdoor Exercise
The same workout in the same old place may have muted your social life. As soon as the weather gets warm, take your routine outside. Running tracks are man magnets as are tennis and racquetball courts and walking paths.

No Take Out
Cancel your subscription to your paper right now and start buying it yourself along with your morning coffee. Try a different newsstand or coffee shop every week. Buy the guy in front or in back of you in line his morning paper or latte. Men really do love a woman who pays. Plus, all men are suckers for gifts. End takeout service too. Instead of dialing up unhealthy food, visit the best gourmet food shop in town, and get delicious, healthy carryout. Remember, many single men don’t like to cook and don’t always want to eat in restaurants. You’ll meet them at the takeout counter!

Best, Janis